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    1. You are here: Home » Products » Cutting Plotter » Stepper Motor Cutting Plotter

      MW-CP 1350 - Stepper Motor Cutting Plotter

      Direct USB, plug and play, no USB drivers required;
      Works on Mac systems with Signcut software;
      Windows 7/8 and Win10 compatible...

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      ● Cutting head with 4 wheels
      ● Aluminum alloy construction, ABS end caps, welded steel stand
      ● Available with ARM for fully automatic contour cutting
      ● Straight-line Max. speed: 800 mm/s
      ● Curve Max. speed: 300 mm/s
      ● Motor & Driver: Stepper motor
      ● Motor power: 40watt
      ● Servo motor speed: 0-3500 RPM
      ● CPU: 64位 DSP
      ● 0-3000 RPM time: < 20 MS (idle load); <1200 MS (working)
      ● Encoder signal: physical 1016 line/ round, logical 4064 line/round
      ● Max. force: 510g (2g/step)
      ● CPU: 16 bit
      ● Mechanical Resolution: 0.0254 mm/pulse

      Technical Specifications  

                Item No.         MW-CP 1350 Stepper Motor Cutting Plotter
                Max. media width           1350mm
                Max. cutting width           1260mm 
                Accuracy               +/- 0,01mm
                Connectors             USB/RS-232 
                Drive                  Stepper motor
                Power consumption             < 100W 
                Ambient temperature                +5°C - +35°C
                Meas           160 x 34 x 41cm
                G.W./N.W.           38.0/35.0kgs



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