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    1. You are here: Home » Products » Die Board Laser Machine » Die Board Laser Machine

      1000W~2000W Flat & Rotary Die Board Laser Machine

      The table moving Gantry construction
      Laser output power High power axial flow CO2 laser source
      X-axis travel 2400mm
      Y-axis travel 1200mm
      Z-axis travel 120mm
      The maximum cutting board size 170~800*3000mm
      Re-Positioning Precision ≤0.02mm
      Controlling system Germany PA
      Transmission system Ball screw & Linear guide (TAIWAN)
      Driving system Japan high-precision servo motors
      Optical system US
      Moving structure Gantry
      Chiller system Made in China
      Laser generator gas matched He ,N2 ,CO2(99.99%)
      Laser cutting thickness 0.1-30mm
      Centrifugal blower 1 set

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      MFR-1000W~2000W Flat& Rotary die board laser machine consist:
      1. NT-1000W~2000W Laser Source (NT)
      2. JCFR-1224-0830 flat cutting bed and rotary cutting bed
      3. Refrigerated dryer (China)
      4. Water chiller system(China)
      5. Blower turbine (China)
      6. CNC Control system (Germany PA)

      Function and application:
      MFR-1000W~2000W Flat& Rotary die board laser machine is mainly for cutting various die cutting board in color print industry, electronic products, and other light industry, sheet metal industry such as carbon steel, sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum alloy sheet; acrylic material, plastic material, and other non-metal sheet. 

      With stable body structure design, flexible working function, professional CNC control system, the cutting efficiency and quality has more advantages over traditional cutting method. This machine satisfy the die maker factory , carton factory and other package& printing factory who need to make both flat and rotary dies. 

      Features of MFR-1000W~2000W Die board Laser cutting machine
       The structure of gantry with small size is stable and reliable
      1. PA laser dedicated CNC systems, lasers and machine control systems into one. PA8000
      2. The machine has the laser cutting proprietary energy control functions, machine operator functions, laser operation function, and expert cutting technology library, remote diagnostics and other functions.
      3. The machine equipped with CAD/CAM dedicated automatic programming software, which is to facilitate the production of graphics, programming and maximize the conservation of raw materials, and special cutting process features.
      4. The machine use upper and lower regional dust removal system at the same time. Cutting waste funnel fall into the scrap car, which is convenient for operator to clean regularly.
      5. 7.5”and 5”lens interchangeable.  The cutting head is fitted with impact protection.
      6. The machine with enclosed optical path, use positive pressure to remove the dust, which can ensure the lens life.
      7. The three cutting gases are free to choose. The entire system uses high pressure gas line design, when cut stainless steel plate.

      Machine Configuration
      CNC control system: PA laser dedicated CNC system  
               (1) 17 color flat panel display.
              (2)Internal distance adjustment function
              (3)Adaptive read-ahead feature
              (4)Advanced adaptive adjustment technology
              (5)Laser energy control function
      Transmission system (Taiwan) 
              (1)precision bearings
              (2)Precision linear ball guide
              (3)Precision ball screw
      Special CAD/CA software
      Ball screw, ball guide lubricating and stainless steel seal protection system; Automatically Automatic oiling system
      Three cutting gases are free to choose, Control directly control by parameters library, high cutting system gas.
      Cutting bed strong electrical control system:Schneider and other high brands supplier.
      Outside path optical system:
      (1) One reflection lens(Imported)
      (2)One circularly polarized lens(Imported)
      (3)7.5〞Focus lens(Imported)

      MFR-1000W~2000W Laser Characters and Parameters 
      1. With a red laser with the optical path indicator function 
      2. The unique structural design of the marble resonant cavity, resonant cavity is more stable, completely solved the shortcomings of epoxy plate high-voltage ignition, .
      3. Large-screen touch-screen control functions, more user-friendly design, easy to understand 
      4. Unique stainless steel gas tank can be pre-mixed gas, fast inflatable , immediately out of light, reducing the inflation time, and to cut the waiting time of the inflatable boot. 
      5. Import adjustment end plate, allowing a more precise adjustment of laser output mode, convenient, reliable, and safe. 
      6. All the optical lens imported from USA II VI Inc. making laser output power higher and more stable pattern, all the optical lens assembly are in the 100,000 clean room to complete, is the only manufacturer with clean assembly room. 
      7. Entirely through ISO9002 quality system certification of the manufacturers, is the only one to do high-power CO2 laser manufacturers through this certification. 



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