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    1. You are here: Home » Products » Die Board Laser Machine » Die Board Laser Machine

      1000W Flat Die Board Laser Machine

      Model No. MJC-1224-1000W
      Power 1000W
      The table moving Gantry construction
      Laser output power High power axial flow CO2 laser source
      X-axis travel 2400mm
      Y-axis travel 1200mm
      Z-axis travel 120mm
      The maximum cutting board size 2400*1200mm
      Re-Positioning Precision ≤0.02mm
      Controlling system Germany PA 8000
      Transmission system Ball screw & Linear guide (TAIWAN)
      Driving system Japan high-precision servo motors
      Optical system US
      Moving structure Gantry
      Chiller system Made in China
      Laser generator gas matched He ,N2 ,CO2(99.99%)
      Laser cutting thickness 0.1-30mm
      Centrifugal blower 1 set

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      1000W Laser Characters and Parameters 
      1. With a red laser with the optical path indicator function 
      2. The unique structural design of the marble resonant cavity, resonant cavity is more stable, completely solved the shortcomings of epoxy plate high-voltage ignition, .
      3. Large-screen touch-screen control functions, more user-friendly design, easy to understand 
      4. Unique stainless steel gas tank can be pre-mixed gas, fast inflatable , immediately out of light, reducing the inflation time, and to cut the waiting time of the inflatable boot. 
      5. Import adjustment end plate, allowing a more precise adjustment of laser output mode, convenient, reliable, and safe. 
      6. All the optical lens imported from USA II VI Inc. making laser output power higher and more stable pattern, all the optical lens assembly are in the 100,000 clean room to complete, is the only manufacturer with clean assembly room. 
      7. Entirely through ISO9002 quality system certification of the manufacturers, is the only one to do high-power CO2 laser manufacturers through this certification. 

      Installation and Training Terms
      1. YITAIPACKING-MATERIACCESSORIES(KUNSHAN)CO.,LTD provides technical training for the operators. Training content is including training of installation, mechanical operation, and software usage.
      2. Once the buyer and seller confirm the cooperation, the buyer can arrange technician to the seller’s factory for the training of installation and training . 
      3. Within 15 days after receipt of the buyer’s written notice, the seller YITAIPACKING will send the competent engineer(s) for contract equipment’s installation, commissioning, acceptance test and training of the buyer’s operators for a total period of 7(seven) working days. .Training of machine and software should be done by seller YITAIPACKING . All technicians cost such us for traveling time, accommodation, air tickets, and meal allowance is covered by the buyer.

      1. Guarantee that the commodity hereof is made of the best materials with first class workmanship, complies in all respects with the quality and specifications stipulated in the contract.
      2. Our guarantee is 12 month. 
      3. During the warranty period,every time our technician is sent to fix a customer problem, the tickets, food and hotel is undertake by the customer during the technician’s stay in your side. 
      4. Within 12 month,  we will sent an engineer in condition time for customer request with free fixing fee. 
      5. After 12 month,we will send an engineer in condition time for customer’s request . The customer need to pay fixing fee and salary for the technician. It is 150USD per working day per person. 

      6. PA8000 software upgrading is free of charge for only one time,but the technician cost is on  customer’s side.

      Machine Weight and measurements
      1. 1000W laser device: L2.5m*W1.2m*H1.8m  Weight: 1000kgs .
      2. Flat cutting machine site size is as below :
      Flat table:  L4.8m*W2.3m*H2.3m
      Machine Environment Requirement
      1.  Power capacity :50KVA;
      2.  laser gas requirements;Helium: purity 99.999%;Nitrogen gas purity: 99.999%;Carbon dioxide: purity 99.999%;
      3. Cutting gas requirements:compressed air and nitrogen and high purity nitrogen ordinary;near the equipment if a large sway, it need to dig trench isolation 
      4. laser source installation site environmental requirements :
      Temperature Requirements: 5~30℃;
      Humidity: ≤ 70%。
      5. In accordance with the floor plan provided 
      6. Nitrogen, helium each two bottles, one bottle of carbon
      7. Total power capacity ≥ 100KVA; quality of power supply: three-phase voltage stability of less than ± 5%, three-phase power imbalance is less than 2.5%
      8. Specific cable length is determined depending on the user site
      9. AR acetone and alcohol for each 500 ML, a lens paper, dust pipe (white metal or plastic exhaust pipe)
      10. Air compressor best 7.5P
      11. Voltage regulator
      12. Drying machine



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