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    1. You are here: Home » Products » Carton Box Sample Machine » Carton Box Sample Cutting Machine

      DCZ75RS Series Box Sample Cutting Machine

      the best solution to make sampling and short-run production in variety of industries.
      equipped with variety of knives and pens, meets different materials' cutting.
      It can realize high speed, high precision full cutting, half cutting and punching

      Standard Tools: Oscillating knife (EOK) ,Creasing tool,Drag knife, Pen and Laser lights, Convey belt, Router System
      Optional Tools:Foam tool, V-cut tool, Video registration system Design
      Software:KaseMake Design Software, Original from UK (Optional)
      Maximum Cutting Thickess: 30mm or 60mm (Optional)
      Standard Working Size:1300*1000mm, 1700*1300mm, 2500*1600mm, 3000*1800mm, 3000*2000mm, 3500*2000mm,3500*2500mm

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